My game crashes or will not load.

Try closing the app completely by double-clicking the home button to bring up the app switcher and then swipe up the Fix the Clock app. Now restart the game from the home screen.

I hear no sound when playing the game.

Check that your device is not in silent mode and volume is turned up. Then check the sound settings on the options screen within the app. Try turning the sound on, off and on again. If necessary, restart the device.

I have problems with payment / billing / in app purchase.

All billing and transaction information is handled by Apple – so unfortunately we cannot help with this. Please contact Apple directly.

I have bought an in app purchase but the features are gone.

You can download the products as many times as you like or restore your purchases in the options screen within the app. You will not be charged more than once as long as you use the same Apple ID as you did in the original purchase.

I am having an issue with a game on my jail broken device.

We cannot assist with issues on jail broken devices.

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